At Blue Door Cabins, we take pride in our reputation, experience, education, systems, and guarantee. We are your go-to solution for dry organic carpet cleaning and surface restoration. Each of our technicians are required to pass the training and safety classes we’ve taught and proven across the nation.

You can depend on us for exceptional dry extraction carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning, pet stain and odor treatment, carpet protector application, upholstery cleaning and carpet repair services.


1 . Deep Extraction Dry “Organic Carpet Cleaning

We are pleased to offer the state-of-the-art dry extraction carpet cleaning process featuring “No Wet Carpets”, “No Harsh Chemicals”, and our  “30 Day Clean Carpet” guarantee.


2 . Area Rug Cleaning

We provide area rug cleaning on site by using the most advanced processes available to thoroughly clean your rugs and remove any dirt, stains, or odors.  We are equipped to properly care for all types of area and oriental rugs, giving them the specialized care and attention they deserve.

3 . Pet Stain & Odor Treatment

We love pets. Unfortunately, as much as we love our pets, they can be your carpet’s worst enemy. When your pet leaves their mark on your carpet give us a call.  We have the expertise, products and equipment to remove those spots and odors for good.

4 . Tile & Grout Cleaning

Every home and business owner knows that tile and grout are notoriously difficult to clean. Regular mopping, consumer tile cleaners and home grout cleaning methods sometimes just don’t do the trick, especially if you’re trying to eliminate stubborn dirt that has settled on tile surfaces or deep into grout lines. When what you’re doing just isn’t good enough anymore, we’ll come to the rescue!  We can boldly go where household mops and tooth brushes have never gone before!

5 . Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstered furniture, just like carpeting, is an investment that can deteriorate in looks and value without proper cleaning and maintenance. While you can most likely do a good job take care of the occasional spot, spill or stain with a household upholstery cleaner, we address the deep cleaning that will prolong the life of your furniture.

6 . Carpet Repair

Thinking about repairing or replacing your carpet?  Let us take a look and give you a free quote.  We’re experts at making carpet repairs but if replacing is a better solution, we’ll tell you. We can repair burns, holes, tears, wrinkles, pulled fibers, fraying, ripples, wrinkles, delamination, open or weak seams, loose stairs, bubbles, sprouting tufts, pulled rows, and more.  You no longer have to put up with unsightly, unsafe, damaged carpets.




1. Prepare your carpet to be cleaned: Move any furniture on areas of carpet you would like to have cleaned, we will slide sofas, chairs, plants, tables, etc. We cannot move beds, china cabinets, any electronics and dressers. Remove breakables from the top of tables.

2. Save us a parking space near your door.

3. Use caution around the equipment we bring in; tripping and slipping may be a hazard.

4. Tell us your every concern. Never be too shy to complain.


Before we arrive, keep the temperature about 70 degrees if possible. Air conditioners dehumidify the air. Turn on ceiling fans and box fans to circulate air.



We know your time is valuable. If we are late, we’ll call ahead to let you know. We ask that you do the same for us. If you must cancel or reschedule, let us know within 48 hours or a cancellation fee of $25 will apply.



The estimated price given on the phone is merely an estimate. The prices mentioned on this site are subject to change. We will measure your area and give an exact price before we begin. The Standard Cleaning Package includes pre-vacuuming, all pre-spotting, a deodorizer and low moisture cleaning. If you’re interested in Carpet Protection, Pet Treatment, Allergen Relief Treatment and our other service offerings please ask your tech for more details.


We take pride in caring for your flooring needs. We know that some floors have precious infants crawling and exploring, while other floors have safety and hazardous concerns to keep your employees work environment safe. Whatever your needs at home or in the workplace, we’ll strive to keep you safe and in business



The main reason to have your carpet cleaned is because it’s obvious it needs a good cleaning, right?

That is one reason to schedule a professional carpet cleaning; however, it’s also important to realize that carpet cleaning is important for health reasons too.

Carpets, whether in your home or in your office, can quickly collect unseen dirt, bacteria, dust mites and allergens that simply can’t be removed by vacuuming.

Although not visible on the surface, floors often need a deeper clean that many expect.








Why Should Upholstered Furniture Be Professionally Cleaned?

Every now and then, you may notice a spot on your upholstery and clean it yourself using a store bought household upholstery cleaner, right? It’s quick, it’s easy and most of the time, it’s pretty effective to remove the occasional unsightly spots on your furniture.

But what happens when it becomes obvious that the problem is more than just a spot or two and the entire piece of furniture needs a thorough cleaning? It may be time to invest in a bit more than a cloth and spot cleaner. Also, just because you can’t see any visible sports or stains, does that really mean your upholstered furniture is really clean? Probably not.

With Amarillo Dry Carpet Cleaning’s Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services, we understand the importance of clean upholstery and use the industry’s best technology to ensure you’re thrilled with the results.

Our certified professional technicians utilize equipment that cleans virtually every type of upholstery in existence, including Jacquard, velvet and Haitian cotton.

Before beginning any upholstery cleaning process, our we inspect each piece of furniture to determine the appropriate cleaning method.

Once a proper furniture cleaning method is determined based on the make and material, we get to work removing stains, restoring color and reviving your upholstery.

We also offer a deodorizer service, as well as our FabricGuard stain- resistant protective finish.

Our upholstery cleaning is 100% Guaranteed – exactly like all our other services!




Why Should Your Tile & Grout Need Be Professionally Cleaned?

Tile floors are notoriously difficult to clean. Every homeowner (and business owner!) knows that regular mopping, consumer tile cleaning products and even cleaning grout with a tooth brush just doesn’t do the trick, especially if you’re trying to eliminate stubborn dirt that has settled into the texture of the tile or deep into grout lines.

It’s Amarillo Dry Carpet Cleaning to the rescue!

Our professional Tile Cleaning and Grout Cleaning process will bring your tile surfaces and grout lines back to that new look once again.



A beautiful,  fashionable area rug can add charm and warmth to any room.  But no matter what type of area rug you have, it’s important to protect your investment with regular professional cleanings.

Vacuuming alone simply can’t give your rug the deep down thorough cleaning it really needs. We recommend a deep “dry” extraction cleaning for most area rugs at least once a year to remove allergens, dust mites, sand, dirt and other particulates that are trapped deep down in the fibers of your area rug.

Every area rug is unique; unique in its place of origin, its construction and manufacturing techniques and the materials, fibers and finishes used. We understand the differences in your rugs and the unique care that each rug demands. To make sure that your area rug is restored to the best possible condition we follow a 6 step cleaning process:

STEP 1: Pre-Inspection – We pre-inspect your rug for soiling and stains, and damage in order to prepare a inspection report which tells you what results to expect of the cleaning process.

STEP 2: Dry Soil Removal – We “dry extract” the rugs from the front & back removing damaging soil and harmful allergens from deep within your rug’s fibers, that normal vacuuming cannot remove.

STEP 3: Pre-Condition – The rug will be pre-treated to emulsify the soils.

STEP 4: Pre-Spot & Fringe Preparation – Any potentially difficult spots will be pre-treated to increase chances of removal. The fringe is also pre-treated for maximum soil removal.

STEP 5: Dry Clean – Most rugs are the cleaned with our dry cleaning compound that is designed to get the maximum cleaning while protecting the natural fibers.

STEP 6: Brush & Clean – The Rug will again be dry extracted with our specialty brush & clean machine.





Concrete is prepped by Grinding or by chemicals. There are times where both are needed to obtain the proper end results for the best finish, depending on what product or surface is desired.


For proper bonding of concrete overlays and coatings, it’s important to give surface the correct concrete surface profile, or CSP. To help contractors make this assessment, the International Concrete Repair Institute has developed benchmark guidelines for CSP-a measure of the average distance from the peaks of the surface to the valleys. They range from CSP 1 (nearly flat) to CSP 9 (very rough). As a general rule, the thicker the overlay or topping, the more aggressive the profile needs to be. A skim coat, for example, may require a light CSP of 2 to 4. For thicker self-leveling or polymer overlays, acceptable profiles generally range from CSP 4 to 6. Achieving surface profiles in the higher ranges often requires roughening by shotblasting or scarifying.

For a copy of ICRI’s technical guide, “Selecting and Specifying Concrete Surface Preparation for Sealers, Coatings, and Polymer Overlays,”


Fast Finish provides the best protection for your concrete, natural stone, or hard surfaces. We specialize in applying the best Solvent and Water based sealers available for almost any surface or condition.  These are not available at your local box stores and exceed our expectations for protection and longevity. And as with all our finishes we can clean and protect them to last a lifetime.



Best temperature range for application  is between 50 – 95 degrees Fahrenheit for water based sealers. 65-80 degrees for solvent types 50 degrees Fahrenheit on the low end (with no freezing that night) and no warmer than 95 degrees Fahrenheit on the high end.


As far as longevity of the sealer goes, in the first 3-5 years you’ll have excellent protection, in the 5th-7th year you have good protection and after that you should have adequate protection. These are just general guidelines – many things will factor into how long it’s expected to protect the concrete due to traffic wear.