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Prefab wood shed kits are made in 13 different sizes ranging from the smallest 6×6 size to the largest 10×20 size. Blue Door Cabin shed kits are built in five different styles of sheds. We are also able to custom design your special vision. When you purchase a kit online, you can have it delivered and assemble it yourself.
We have several wood shed kits for sale. The mini barn has 4′ sidewalls and is 8′ at the peak. The mini barn comes with one window and double doors. All of the other styles of storage building kits come with two windows. The Dutch barn is 2′ 6″ taller than the mini barn.



The A-frame kit has 7′ walls from the ground to the roof. The high wall A-frame is 1′ taller than the A-frame
The Quaker shed has a taller front side and lower back side with an offset roof and a 1′ overhang on the front side.
Wood storage shed kits are precut with the doors and windows pre-hung in the location you want them. They are also painted with your choice of paint color, trim color, shutter color and shingle roof color. The wood storage shed kits come with your choice of roof or shingles.


The wood storage sheds are also built fully assembled with delivery in all of Texas. However, if you do not have enough room for a truck and trailer to deliver the shed to the location you want it, then an made shed kit could be the answer. This can also help you save on a wood storage shed. Just place your order after reviewing the wood shed kits for sale online.


DIY storage building kits for sale are delivered with a 52′ long truck and trailer. The shed kits are delivered curbside. It is your responsibility to carry the building to the location you want. Each of the four walls come complete and ready for you to assemble. On the 10×10 and smaller sizes the floor comes in one section, on the longer sizes the floor comes in 2 sections. The trusses are pre-made and ready for you to nail to the top plate of the shed. The 1/2″ plywood roof sections are precut for you to nail to the roof trusses.
There is a bundle of shingles which you will need to open and use to put the shingles on the roof. It is already painted so you will not need to paint the structure. The assembly for the wood storage shed kits should be easy, but you will need more than one person to complete it.